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How Does Invisalign Work?

The Invisalign system uses a custom-made, clear device to straighten teeth. Similar to braces, the treatment gradually straightens teeth. However, Invisalign requires no metal brackets or wires. The are made using smooth, clear plastic that fit comfortably over teeth.

What Differentiates Clear Choice Orthodontics From Other Practices?

Top 1% Invisalign Provider Worldwide

At Clear Choice Orthodontics, we not only specialize in Invisalign treatment options, we set higher standards of patient care. As a top one percent invisalign provider, Clear Choice Orthodontics is the best choice for clear braces throughout Kentucky.

The Clear Braces Alternative

Choosing Clear Choice Orthdontics for you Invisalign needs is a truly superior alternative. Invisalign treatment is designed to properly align teeth and create a healthy, stable and functional bite with the added benefit of being virtually unnoticeable as well as taking much less time! Most people do not know there are multiple benefits with Invisalign beyond just appearance. Invisalign creates beautiful smiles, and the number of people electing this treatment is increasing every year.

Invisalign Treatment Benefits List

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  1. 1Not As Many Food Restrictions
  2. 2Fewer Dental Visits During Treatment
  3. 3Invisalign patients are far more likely to choose Invisalign again, if presented with the choice again1.
  4. 4Invisalign aligners correct multiple dental problems
    • Crowding
    • Spacing
    • Overbite, Underbite and Deep Bite
    • Surgical/Orthodontic Complex Cases
    • Impacted Canine Complex Cases
    • Orthopedic Jaw Correction Complex Cases
  5. 5Far easier to clean teeth vs.traditional cumbersome braces
  6. 6Reduced Risk for Abnormal Wear
  7. 7Invisalign is virtually pain-free vs.traditional braces2
  8. 8Patients choosing traditional braces reported more negative impact on their quality of life vs. Invisalign patients4

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