Kentucky Orthodontics Appointment Policy

Questions frequently arise regarding the scheduling of orthodontic appointments. This subject is vitally important as it has direct bearing on the treatment result. Orthodontic treatment is important to physical health, and psycho-social development and should not be considered in conflict with school/work but rather in the same direction.

Due to extreme demands in recent years for the late afternoon appointments, it has become increasingly clear to us that we cannot continue to provide quality care for our patients with the schedule being this crowded. Quality care is the main “watchword” that would describe our feelings about our practice. It is our prime consideration for all of our patients.

Therefore, it will be necessary to limit the number of appointments available after school and to spread patients out throughout the day to allow more time to provide the quality care necessary for each patient. As indicated and agreed to during your consultation appointment, it will be necessary for patients to continue to rotate their appointments between mornings and afternoons. Also, patients may be required to take occasional early afternoon appointments. This is the only way to spread the appointment scheduling evenly throughout the day to provide the time needed for difficult procedures.

It is important for everyone to know that we are sensitive to working parents, the demands of school placed on teenagers, the inconvenience caused by having to pick a child up at school and go to the orthodontist, etc. We are sensitive to all of these issues and want each patient and parent to know that we would like to accommodate everyone. However, the fact remains that it is physically impossible to do this, and the bottom line is that we must be able to provide quality care to each patient equally. Actually, school-age children do not miss as many classes as it first may seem. If they are seen on a six to eight week basis, they will miss only four to five classes per year. If these are rotated between morning and afternoon, they certainly will not miss the same class each time and the problem will be minimized.

When you make an appointment, please be certain your schedule allows you to come on time. Upon arrival, please sign in with the receptionist. If you are late, we may have to reschedule your appointment or shorten your procedure which may prolong your overall treatment time. It simply would not be fair to keep patients waiting who are scheduled after you. In addition, missed appointments will result in an additional charge.

Our scheduling policy is not being implemented for our convenience. It is being done to provide equal time for all patients so that each patient can receive an equal amount of our professional time. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in the matter.