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“I give up!” How many times have we uttered these three simple words, totally exasperated after struggling with an impossible task, a daunting project or a hopeless child? How often do we find ourselves retreating at the first sign of adversity, showering everyone with excuses for why we took the easy way out? Imagine how our lives would be if everyone took on that passive attitude. If Thomas Edison called it quits after a couple of failed attempts at the electric light bulb, we’d all still be literally living in the dark. Word has it that he tried thousands of different filament designs that did not work before hitting on the proper one. Just think, your next interview could be the one that lands your dream job or your next act of kindness could be what inspires someone else to do the same. In this world, persistence does pay and perseverance gets results. As Albert Einstein once said “It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.” As your orthodontic specialty practice, we believe firmly in the importance of perseverance as we strive to achieve that beautiful smile you have always wanted. We will never compromise on workmanship, always going the extra mile to attain the results you desire. We’ll persevere to work extra hard in order to make your entire orthodontic experience as pleasant as possible.

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