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Tongue splitting and piercings that involve the tongue, lips, cheeks or uvula (that tiny piece of tissue that hangs down at the back of your mouth) can be risky. Often times, pain and swelling may result. The swelling can sometimes be so severe that it interferes with your ability to breathe.

Unsterile technique or inadequate follow-up care may result in infection. Blood vessels may be inadvertently damaged during the procedures which can lead to serious bleeding problems. Jewelry-related complications include chipped teeth, gum damage, tissue overgrowth or accidental swallowing or inhalation. Furthermore, these dense metal objects can block the transmission of x-rays, thus interfering with proper dental diagnosis. I’ve even heard of an occasion where a tongue ring got accidently ensnared in the corner of an orthodontic brace.

So although tongue piercing and oral jewelry may seem like a trendy way to express your self image, please consider the possible effects such a choice can have on your oral and overall health. We worked too hard to achieve that beautiful smile and we definitely want you to keep it for an entire lifetime!

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