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Just last year, I had to take my daughter in to see a doctor regarding a problem with her eyes. During the examination, I was comforted by the fact that this practitioner had extensive experience in treating all sorts of eye disorders. In fact, as a certified ophthalmologist, that’s all he did—fix people’s eyes. He didn’t profess to have any special knowledge about ears, hearts, lungs, or legs—only eyes. Such is the case with Orthodontics. When you are treated by an orthodontic specialist, you know that you’re benefiting from the unparalleled focused expertise of the practitioner. Here at the Kentucky Center for Orthodontics, we straighten teeth and align jaws—that’s all we do. We’re not distracted (like other general dentists) by having to perform cleanings, fillings, root canals, crowns, bridges or implants. Our education, training and practical experience is focused entirely on your orthodontic treatment and nothing else. We deal solely with aligning your teeth and giving you the best smile possible. Be confident in knowing that you are being taken care of by “specialists” in the true sense of the profession.

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