Invisalign with Mandibular Advancement

Download this video and play it during consults, in your waiting room, or on your website to help teen patients and their parents learn about Invisalign treatment with mandibular advancement.


Wondering what a Class II malocclusion is? You're not alone. It means your upper and lower jaws don't line up. If your lower jaw is too far back, your doctor may want to move it forward. It's pretty common. If you're like many teens, you also need to straighten your teeth. One way to go is the traditional two-step process. Your doctor may use something like this, or this, or this, to move your jaw forward, then, these to straighten your teeth.

But here's a more modern way, Invisalign clear aligners. That's right, only Invisalign clear aligners can replace all that metal. These precision wings are the key. When you close your mouth, voila, they hold your jaw just a tiny bit forward. The aligners move your jaw into place, and yep, straighten your teeth at the same time. Just one step made possible by thin, powerful aligners, so you can keep up with all the stuff that makes you, you, from sports, to band, to whatever you love, and keep living your life, uninterrupted.