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Red, White and Blue Aligners in Lexington, KY

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What Are REd, White, & Blue Aligners?

At Kentucky Orthodontics & Invisalign, we offer many different types of oral appliance therapies for spacing issues for your teeth, such as our Red, White and Blue Aligner System (RWB). This system is very effective for those who have minor cosmetic problems with the front 6 teeth on the top and/or bottom, or crowding issues that are causing discomfort. Our team uses modern orthodontic techniques and innovative technology to develop tailored treatments that are unique to your condition. If you desire an inconspicuous way to straighten your teeth, call one of our Kentucky offices today to schedule a private consultation. 

Why Should I Choose Red, White, And Blue Aligners?

The Red, White and Blue Aligner System is great for patients wanting quick treatment for misalignment or spacing issues in the front 6 teeth (on the top or bottom). These removable aligners have red, white, and blue dots that represent the stage of treatment you are in. We will take photographs of your teeth, along with X-rays, and an impression of your mouth to make your custom aligners. Then, Dr. Durbin will have your custom aligners made. Once the Red, White and Blue Aligners are made, we will fit the aligners to make sure they are comfortable. Dr. Durbin will also create a schedule of office visits to manage and document how your teeth are responding.

How Do Red, White, and Blue Aligners Work?

At first, it may take a few days to get used to having the aligners in your mouth. You can expect some discomfort, but that will subside once your teeth, gums, and lips are acclimated to the appliance. It is very important to wear your aligners all the time, with the exception of when you are eating, participating in strenuous physical activity (such as sports), or attending a very special occasion. The longer you wear your Red, White and Blue Aligners during each stage of treatment, the faster you can see your results.

What is the Aftercare Process for RWB Aligners?

Once you have your Red, White and Blue Aligners, you will find that they are easy to maintain and comfortable to wear. Like other invisible aligners, you will need to take them out while you eat. It is also a good practice to brush both your teeth and your aligners after you eat. Leaving food and bacteria on your teeth with an aligner may cause your teeth to decay and lead to gum disease. Keeping all your orthodontic and dental check-ups are essential to your treatment as well. Bi-annual dental cleanings and preventative care will ensure optimal oral hygiene and results. 

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An easy way to boost your self-esteem is to have a proud, beaming smile. Don't let a few misalignments in the front row of your teeth keep you from smiling wide! Come see Dr. Durbin for a consultation on the Red, White and Blue Aligner System. Look and feel your best with straighter, better spaced teeth. Feel free to schedule an appointment at any one of our locations: Georgetown, Winchester, Owingsville, Nicholasville, Richmond, Mount Sterling, or Lexington. We look forward to meeting you.

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