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What is Acceledent Optima?

AcceleDent® Optima™ gives patients faster and more comfortable orthodontic treatment with braces or aligners. AcceleDent® Optima™ is the most advanced accelerated orthodontic device with a comprehensive suite of technology-driven features. Simple and easy to use, AcceleDent® Optima™ is clinically proven to speed up tooth movement while reducing orthodontic discomfort.


AcceleDent® Optima™ is clinically proven to accelerate tooth movement by up to 50%. It’s the first orthodontic device of its kind to offer accelerated orthodontic treatment and help decrease orthodontic discomfort in a noninvasive, nonsurgical way. AcceleDent® Optima™ is also the first and only accelerated orthodontic device to connect patients and practices with an app to the monitor, monitoring, direct messaging & rewards. AcceleDent is only available by prescription from your doctor.

How Does Acceledent Optima Work?

By inserting the mouthpiece fitted around your braces or aligners for just 20 minutes a day, AcceleDent® Optima™ speeds tooth movement through the use of SoftPulse Technology®. The patented SoftPulse Technology applies precisely calibrated vibrations called micropulses that transmit through the roots of your teeth to the surrounding bone. This gentle vibration helps increase the cellular activity and speeds the rate in which your teeth can move. AcceleDent’s gentle micropulses can also reduce orthodontic discomfort for patients of all ages, including children, teens and adults. 

Acceledent Optima FAQ

Is AcceleDent Optima safe?

Yes. AcceleDent with SoftPulse Technology has been demonstrated safe and reliable in U.S. clinical trials.

Can I take my AcceleDent Optima on an airplane? 

In general, all batteries in all forms of transportation (ground, air, or ocean) must be packaged in a safe and responsible manner. Regulatory concerns from all agencies for safe packaging require that batteries be packaged in a manner that prevents short circuits and be contained in “strong outer packaging” that prevents spillage of contents. AcceleDent has been designed to be compliant with these regulatory concerns.

What should I do with my AcceleDent Optima once the treatment is finished? 

In order to protect and preserve our environment, the Activator Assembly, Charging Case, USB Cable, and Power Adapter should be disposed of at a designated collection facility for batteries and other electrical devices like cell phones, computers, video games, and electronic tools.

Do I have to do the full 20-minute treatment at one time?

Yes. It is recommended that you use your AcceleDent Optima for a continuous 20 minute period each day.

Can I sanitize my AcceleDent Optima and share it with a friend or family member who also has braces? 

No. AcceleDent Optima is an FDA-cleared, single-user prescription device. Sharing is prohibited for your safety. Your orthodontist prescribed AcceleDent Optima for your use only, based upon your unique orthodontic treatment plan. Use of AcceleDent Optima without the supervision and direction of an orthodontist may result in adverse unintended consequences.

Do I need to use the AcceleDent App? 

The AcceleDent App was developed to provide doctors and patients an easy way to track usage and provide motivation during their orthodontic treatment. It is not mandatory for AcceleDent use, but your Orthodontist may strongly recommend its use so that they can easily see if you will be experiencing the intended faster treatment by using your AcceleDent for the recommended 20 minutes every day. The app is also an easy way to register your warrant and connect with your practice through the app’s messaging feature.

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Great results, less time

AcceleDent® Optima™ was designed to fit your lifestyle. Use the hands-free device for just 20 minutes a day during routine activities such as reading, watching TV, listening to music, browsing the internet or showering. AcceleDent® Optima™ combines high-tech performance features and a comprehensive app to enhance your accelerated orthodontic experience and empower you to become a full participant in your treatment.

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