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What are athletic mouth guards?

When competing in sports, proper safety equipment can save you a lot of trouble and pain. The last thing you want is to obtain an injury that requires dental work, which is why Kentucky Orthodontic & Invisalign offer athletic mouth guards. Dr. Durbin understands the importance of protecting your smile and we take pride in providing our athletic patients with customized mouth guards. Unlike store bought mouth guards, a personalized mouth guard ensures both comfort and a great fit. We, along with the American Association of Orthodontists, recommend that athletes wear a mouth guard if participating in sports. Especially in competitive activities such as football, boxing, hockey, soccer, martial arts, volleyball, wrestling, and water polo. At Kentucky Orthodontics & Invisalign, we can help protect you or your child's teeth and gums from potential injury during activities. Call one of our Kentucky offices today if you are ready to discuss having a custom mouth guard made to protect your smile.

What can i Expect with an Athletic mouth guard?

Once you have made the decision to have an athletic mouth guard made, our orthodontists will perform a series of images (digital X-rays and mouth impressions). These images will then be sent to a certified orthodontic laboratory, which is where your custom mouth guard will be created. All our athletic mouth guards are made of high-quality materials. Once the guard is complete, it will be shipped to our office and an appointment will be made for your fitting. This appointment will allow you to try on your mouth guard to test out the fit and bite, which will help us to determine if any refinements need to be made. We suggest that you begin this process before your sports season, so you can be covered without delay.

Custom vs. Store Bought Athletic mouth guards

What is the difference between buying a store-bought mouth guard and one from the orthodontist office? It has the same function, right? Not really. It's very convenient to quickly buy a mouth guard from the nearest sporting goods store however, you are buying a one-size-fits-all guard to protect your teeth (and possibly your braces), which you have made a significant investment in time and money. 

A custom-made athletic mouth guard is designed specifically for your mouth for better protections and a more comfortable fit. When you wear your metal braces, aligners, or other orthodontic appliance, you need a mouth guard that will fit over your teeth and your corrective gear. Off-the-shelf mouth guards just may not do the best job when covering your teeth during contact sports if you are wearing braces. Many of our patients also say that an ill-fitting mouth guard rubs their teeth and gums the wrong way, which is distracting during their activities. 

What can I expect after getting a Sports mouth guard?

Keeping your athletic mouth guard clean and safely stored should be a #1 priority after each wear. You can use your toothbrush with normal toothpaste to clean your mouth guard. Rinse it off with cold water (do not submerge in hot water) to keep it from developing a deformity. We ask that you bring your mouth guard with you to each orthodontic appointment so that we can inspect it for wear and tear, plus make recommendations as when to replace it. We also suggest that an athletic mouth guard be replaced once a season, especially if you grind your teeth while participating in your competitive sport.

Atheltic Mouth Guard FAQ

How are mouth guards made?

We make custom-made mouth guards from high-quality materials. They are less likely to tear, are easy to breathe in, and fit better on your teeth than a store-bought guard — so they are more comfortable over long periods of time. We partner with certified orthodontic labs to ensure the integrity and quality of materials. 

How long do mouth guards last?

The exact length of time that your mouth guard lasts will depend on a number of factors, including how high-contact your sport is. The more stress that is put on the mouth guard, the less amount of time it will last. However, we use high-quality materials in order to ensure our mouth guards will last for as long as possible.

Can I sleep in an athletic mouth guard?

Unfortunately, no. There is a large difference between the mouth guards used to protect your teeth during sports and the ones used to stop your teeth from grinding at night. If you do try to sleep in an athletic mouth guard, it can trap bacteria on the surface of your gums while you sleep, which can lead to gum disease.

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We want to cheer you on at our orthodontics practice (even if it is from afar) and help you protect your smile with an athletic mouth guard. If you would like to learn more about custom-made mouth guards with a storage case, call and schedule a consultation at our office at your earliest convenience. Our Orthodontist Dr. Douglas D. Durbin would be honored to serve you. We also offer a variety of materials and colors to match your level of comfort and to show off your team spirit. You can reach us at any one of our Kentucky offices in Winchester, Richmond, Owingsville, Nicholasville, Mount Sterling, Lexington, and Georgetown.

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