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What is a Herbst Appliance?

Dr. Durbin has expert training and experience in performing specific orthodontic treatments that improve the dentofacial structures. Therefore, we are proud to offer Herbst® Appliance with Invisalign. This procedure combines the Herbst appliance device with clear aligners to correct complex malocclusions issues. When a patient has upper molars that are too far forward or a severe overbite, an appliance is strategically positioned to address these concerns. Since this process results in the repositioning of teeth, braces are commonly used to help guide the teeth as well. However, instead of using traditional metal braces, we use Invisalign. This provides more comfort, movement, and easier dental cleaning. We are thrilled to be providing such a unique service to our patients all across the state of Kentucky.

What are the benefits of Herbst?

The Herbst® Appliance is for those with posterior crossbite, extreme overbite, upper jaw protrusion, and narrow arch cases. The device is made of acrylic, metal, and springs. Typically, the Herbst appliance is most commonly used for younger children and helps to secure their long-term dental health into adulthood. In addition, the aesthetic benefits are a significant improvement compared to traditional headgear. 

The Herbst® Appliance is used in conjunction with braces. Most orthodontic practices use metal braces, however, our practice utilizes the modern technology of clear Invisalign aligners. Therefore, the aesthetic appeal to Herbst® Appliance with Invisalign is twofold.

What can I Expect with a herbst appliance?

We encourage parents to attend the initial examination with their child. During this time, Dr. Durbin will examine your child's condition to determine if they are an ideal candidate for Herbst® Appliance with Invisalign. Once we have confirmed their eligibility, an appointment will be scheduled.

Typically, the Herbst appliance is applied to your child's molars. This process is usually very easy but a topical anesthetic may also be applied to ensure extra comfort during the application process. The Herbst® Appliance with Invisalign is revolutionary because it repositions the jaw and individual teeth simultaneously. The device and Invisalign are usually worn for 12 – 15 months. However, this timeframe may vary depending on your child's unique needs and condition.

What can I expect after Herbst appliance?

You or your child may experience overall gum tenderness or soreness, but as time passes, these symptoms will fade. However, if you or your child experience severe discomfort or tissue irritation, an appointment can be made to adjust the appliance. Patients should not try to adjust the appliance on their own, as it could cause additional irritation or damage to the gums. Sometimes, a simple wax application is all that is needed to ease discomfort. 

Young patients are also encouraged to eat soft foods for the first 1 – 2 weeks after their treatment. We also recommend that patients exclude gum and candy from their diet, as well as hard or sticky foods. The results of Herbst® Appliance with Invisalign are long-lasting by improving the teeth structure and overall jaw function.

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