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Once your braces are removed, you will need to wear a retainer to ensure that your teeth stay in their new position. To service the needs of our many patients, Kentucky Orthodontics & Invisalign offers several high-quality retainer options. You will also have the choice between a fixed or removable retainer. This is a personal choice, but our skilled orthodontists will guide you along the way and discuss all your options thoroughly. Whatever you decide, you can rest assured that your retainer will protect the investment you made in time and money during your orthodontic treatment by preventing teeth shifting. We love serving our local Kentucky communities through outstanding orthodontic care. Call any one of our 7 locations so we can help you maintain that gorgeous new smile. 

About the Procedure

At our orthodontics office, we offer our patients 3 different types of retainers (based on the patient's needs), a Hawley retainer, clear retainer, or a fixed retainer. A Hawley retainer (the most common type of retainer) is molded for the roof of the mouth (the top arch) and the backs of the teeth (the bottom arch), and is made up of molded wires, clasps, and plastic. A clear retainer is inconspicuously worn just like an Invisalign aligner, and can be removed from the mouth very easily. A fixed retainer cannot be taken out of the mouth, and is bonded to the back of the teeth on both arches.

What to Expect

Once you have your braces removed from your teeth, you can be fitted for your retainer. We will make an impression of your mouth post-orthodontic treatment and send it off to a dental laboratory to be made. Once your retainer is ready, approximately 1 – 2 weeks later, we will schedule a fitting appointment. During this time, our orthodontists will make sure that your retainer is comfortable before sending you home. 


With proper maintenance and regular inspections, your retainer should last a very long time. However, as the years progress and normal wear and tear occurs, your retainer may need to be replaced. In the meantime, you should practice routine cleaning and safely store your retainer when not in use. If your retainer is damaged or lost, call our office immediately to receive a replacement. 

Retainers FAQ

Do I really have to wear a retainer?

Yes, you do. Because your orthodontic treatment shifted your teeth, they left behind small pockets in your gums that will eventually be filled in with new tissue. However, to ensure that your teeth don't shift as this natural healing process happens, you'll need to wear a retainer to maintain your beautiful new smile.

How long will I need to wear a retainer?

In the first 4 – 6 months after you get your orthodontics removed, you'll have to wear your retainer all day, every day, removing it only to eat and brush and floss. After about two years, you can start wearing your retainer only at night. After about two years, you may be able to go every other day. As you return for your regular dental checkup at Kentucky Orthodontics & Invisalign, we will examine your teeth and give you recommendations for wearing your retainer.

How do I care for my retainer?

Caring for a retainer is as easy as brushing your teeth. You simply need to brush it under warm water once a day. You can also soak it for a short period in mouthwash to further help prevent bacteria from growing on it. When not wearing (or soaking) your retainer, it should be properly stored in its case.

What happens if I lose my retainer?

If you lose your retainer, simply call our office as soon as possible, and we can quickly have a replacement made.

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Retain Your New Smile

Rejoice in the fact that your orthodontic treatment is over! Now that your smile is better than ever, we want you to keep your pearly whites in their new position for as long as possible. This is why we offer retainers to hold your teeth in their new position and prevent regression. At our orthodontics office, we have several options available for your retainers. Call any of our locations in Nicholasville, Georgetown, Richmond, Winchester, Lexington, Owingsville, or Mount Sterling. We can set-up an appointment for you to meet with Dr. Durbin.

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