Waterpik Instructions

Using a Water Flosser is fast, easy, and effective!

- Begin at level 5 and work up to level 10 within 2-3 weeks.

- Don't EVER miss a day because dental plaque (bacteria) GROWS EVERY 12 HOURS!

- We recommend using the standard tip, not the orthodontic tip.

- Point the tip to cause the water to go STRAIGHT in between your teeth for 3 full seconds then “hop or skip” to the next tooth-tooth contact. Do not “scribe or track” the gumline.

- Hold the tip for 3 seconds per outside contact and 3 seconds per inside contact in the morning AND the evening

- If your head hits the pillow and you have NOT used your Waterpik, GET UP! It only takes 3 minutes to protect your oral and body health!